Is The Silk Heatless Hair Roller Safe?

It is not only safe, but it is much safer and better for your hair than traditional hair curlers and curling tongs. This is because excessive exposure to heat is bad for your hair, causing it to dry, become brittle and results in split ends. Our heatless rollers are effective and safe to be used over and over again without any of these side effects.

How Do I Use The Silk Heatless Hair Roller?

Step 1: The Heatless Rollers are most effective with approximately 80% dry hair. We therefore recommend using after a wash but before it is fully dry, or simply spray your hair with water so that it is damp.
Step 2: Secure the silk roller to the top of your hair using our clamp. Divide your hair into two sections and then start wrapping individual strands around the roller like you are using a traditional wand or tong. Doing one section at a time, wrap all hair around each side of the silk roller and then remove the clamp.
Step 3: Leave for 6-7 hours, which can safely be done overnight, and remove. Easy.

How Do I Achieve The Right Curls/Waves?

Ultimately you will find that practice makes perfect. The tighter that you wrap your hair around the roller, the tighter the result of your curls will be. If you are going for waves, simply use a little more slack when wrapping your hair.

Will The Silk Heatless Hair Roller Be Right For My Hair?

The silk roller is 36 inches, and therefore is suitable for most lengths of hair. Whilst we know that different types of hair react differently to each type of product, we are confident that the heatless roller is effective on the vast majority of hair types. The product is tried and tested and has shown to have incredible results - our reviews speak for themselves.

Can I Sleep With The Silk Heatless Hair Roller In?

This is a sleep in hair roller, it is safe to be left in overnight and doing so can produce incredible results.

How Long Will The Silk Heatless Hair Roller Last?

This is a handmade 100% mulberry silk product designed to be used over and over again. It is hardwearing, so as long as you treat it correctly and follow all instructions it will stand the test of time.

When Will My Silk Heatless Hair Roller Arrive?

Due to current high demand for this product, we are currently advising that this can take up to 14 days to arrive, but we will always aim to send these out as soon as possible.